I really enjoyed the intrigue of this novel. It touches on subjects that are still very taboo and does hit on many issues that have occurred in the past. The author kept my attention from the beginning to the end, as I wanted to continually know where the story was going and how it was going to be resolved. In many ways, it is not what I expected, and that is what kept me hungry for more.

The literature standard was in high quality. This book is by far the best well-edited literature I have read. This made me enjoy the story to the fullest. It has to be noted that there are racial, sexual, and political references within the content. The characters are well developed and thought out. Each to its own, have their own agenda and background. My heart just ached and felt strongly about some of the characters in particular, which bears a fitting testament to the quality of the writing.

The story has a very strong message, and that is, no matter how much we strive in trying to make the world a better place, there are always some bad apples trying to destroy it for the rest of us. I find this book very relatable to the situation we are currently experiencing in the world. Hate crime, racial discrimination, unjustified killings, spreading hatred towards different religions, are all currently what we face today.I believe this book would be suitable for anyone that has an open mind and enjoys reading well-written literature.

Written by Jeyran Main

Source: The Slave Players by Megan Allen (Book Review #320) – Review Tales by Jeyran Main