Reviews for The Slave Players

Allen displays the plotting chops of someone with five thrillers under her belt. A masterly indictment of America’s failed racial politics that remembers to entertain.

Kirkus Reviews

Wow, this one was devised to light the fuse, by a twisted young lady. Extraordinary contemporary drama of life in the south with all the trimmings. Racism, hate, hope, humor, love— all the good stuff we need to keep turning pages until the end. And then the gut-wrenching disappointment of knowing there are no more pages left to turn. What a gripping tale by a terrific new talent.

Weekly Review

Magnetic and provocative story, with characters you’ll love, and a master villain you’ll love to hate. What begins as a murder mystery then shifts gears for a ride through a volatile land where all societal rules come to die.

The Novel Reader

Gripping, imaginative, and frighteningly prophetic.

Christine Abbot, Author

Megan Allen’s debut novel is a chilling modern-day tale of racism in the Deep South. Replete with everything unexpected, including its shockingly controversial premise. Bound to be a new favorite for all fiction buffs.

Publishers Daily Review

An honest, unique and fictionally relevant look at racial tension in our modern age—one of the toughest hot button topics of our time. This smartly-written novel will give you pause, make you think and stick with you long after you savor the final words. 5 Stars!

Que Sara Sera


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  1. Sarah M Owen

    Just wanted to tell you that today our college received a letter from the KKK group asking us to ban the book. I just wanted to tell you that I have shared it with other librarians who are equally as appalled. While we do not have the book on our shelves at this time I wanted to let you know that I (and most librarians) are very against the banning of books and will not cave to these threats and attempts to limit our patron’s selections. I would guess that the more we share this the more sales you will get! Keep your head up and keep writing. You know you are successful in art if you are pissing someone off!

    • Megan Allen

      Thank you so much. I really just set out to write a novel about racial injustice and maybe weave in a good love story. And the Alt-Right has decided to beat the hell out of me for it. Send your address and I’ll send you a copy, again, with my thanks. -MA

  2. Julie Kessler

    I am a school librarian. I am very grateful to you and other brave authors who attempt to tackle and help us understand one of the most difficult issues of our time. Keep on! Many thanks!

  3. Burn House Publishing

    To the skeptic who wrote us. We’re sorry you feel that way, and sad that you wouldn’t identify yourself so we could communicate. The Southern Poverty Law Center is currently investigating the KKK attacks on our behalf. They have great resources and lots of experience in tracking haters down and exposing them for what they are. We will keep you and our other followers appraised. And we hope you will alter your opinions and maybe even read our great novel. If you will identify yourself I’ll be happy to send you a free copy.

  4. Danny Greene

    Kill yourself you filthy [n-word] loving whore. God bless the klan!

    • Megan Allen

      Thanks for the comment, but I’ve decided to give up my life as a prostitute so I can devote more time to writing about folks like you.


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