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On the same day, the Loyal White Knights of the KKK left both a threatening comment on our review page and sent an email with a holiday tone.

From: Loyal Knights <>
Sent: Thursday, November 30, 2017 4:41 PM
Subject: To Whom it May Concern

To Whom it May Concern:

I am Amanda Barker, Imperial Kommander of The Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. Recently we have come under extreme fire for being a hate group. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Any reasonable person, whether he believes in our cause or not, can easily see that whenever we show up to demonstrate, we are the ones who are attacked. Always. It is never the other way around. Our only tenet, and our only request is that we be left alone to pursue our right to stay white and pure as we believe God intended.

This has been a troubling year for us. We have cried out to preserve our landmarks and our heritage, as well as to ban harmful literature such as Sweet Tea, The Slave Ship and The Slave Players because they are obviously deviant writings whose intent is to spread hate and corrupt the minds and morals of our youth. We should be applauded for this, and yet we are constantly attacked wherever we gather. And we have been accused of causing harm to the very people who come out to attack us. As we enter the holiday season we ask God to bless our cause and show tolerance for our abusers. And in the spirit of the Savior, we wish no harm to anyone, so long as they respect our right to self-destiny.

Anyone who has no ill intent can contact me at

Amanda Barker IK LWK
Imperial Officer Amanda Barker

Loyal White Knights of the KKK
P.O. Box 54 Pelham, NC , 27311 or (336) 432-0386

The SPLC confirm that this email was indeed sent from a confirmed LWK of the KKK email.


From: Southern Poverty Law Center (Name of personal contact withheld)
Sent: Tuesday, December 5, 2017 8:41 AM
Subject: KKK Letters

Hi Burn House Publishing,

My colleague was able to verify that that email is an official account of the Loyal White Knights. In a continuation of my previous questions, we were wondering if any of the letters, emails, comments, etc. have been threatening toward you, the author or anyone else working at BHP?


Thank you again for letting us know about all of this.
(Name withheld)

From: Burn House Publishing
Sent: Monday, December 4, 2017 7:00:57 AM
Subject: KKK Letters

I hope things are going well. Our contacts with the White Knights has started up again. I think you are already aware that we have a group right here in Florida with us and they still take a personal dislike to us. Instead of bags with recruitment flyers, we get bags filled with dog droppings left in our mail occasionally. We responded to a comment on our web-board a while back that suggested they were certainly not created on one of God’s better days, and they have reignited with us.

I’d like to know if is an official email they use, as we have received a ranting letting from Amanda Barker who says she is their Imperial Kommander — we laugh when we read that title– of the White Knights. Starts out almost identically to the other letter, but then talks about how she is not a hater and asks God to treat their opposition with “Tolerance.”  It’s just crazy… Like she wants to save us or something.

Let me know please, and I’d like to hear what else is happening.

Wilhelmina Mount, Publisher

It seems the KKK obtained a copy or two of our ARC (advanced reader copy). Beginning in early July, we began receiving emails of distaste for our Novel. Over 100 emails some of which can be found below

From: Larry Case <>
Sent: Wednesday, July 19, 2017 2:02 PM
Subject: Slave Players book

This email is for Megan Allen. Author of Slave Players. What a scum book you wrote. You’re a racist pig. And your picture affirms my every belief. You should stick to hooking on the streets. Stay out of the south.”

From: Mike Dillard <>
Sent: Thursday, July 20, 2017 1:27 PM

I wonder if you considered that there’s about 10000 of us and 1 of you. Maybe you should watch who you’re fucking with. The slave players is a piece of shit you talk shit you get shit on.

From: Brad Nolan <>
Sent: Thursday, July 20, 2017 1:17 PM
Subject: Slave player

You and your author can’t find one thing about the Klan that’s not in the Bible. Were sick of people talking shit about how hateful we are when in reality it’s their own shit that they hate.

From: Sarah Brooks <>
Sent: Wednesday, July 19, 2017 2:11 PM
Subject: Megan Allen

Is this girl joking??? What is she a fifth grader who hasn’t learned how to play nice on the playground yet?? Her Alabama is not any I have ever heard of or seen in my life! You think we murder and rape around here??? What a fucking lame excuse for an American. That isn’t my America you illiterate whore!! Why are you publishing her?? Do you have a brain?? Are you brain dead? So sick it’s funny. She will be the biggest laughing stock in the country so if you’re okay wirh that then be my guest!! I won’t let me child read it because I actually have morals!

Bye forever! Have nothing more to say to you…

From: Sarah Brooks <>
Sent: Wednesday, July 19, 2017 2:13 PM
Subject: !

One more thing! You basically blamed “The wall builder” TRUMP for the rape of black girls!!! And all violence and racism in America! HAHAHAHAHA Do you hear your own self???????? So so sad and pathetic.

From: Hal Douglas <>
Sent: Friday, July 28, 2017 8:09 PM
Subject: your slave book

Hey now come on why are whites always the bad guys? Is it cause in real life they’re the good guys and everyone overly compensates? I would like to pray for Megan but I have a feeling she’s an atheist so it wouldn’t be good on her anyway. I’m sorry but I’m a nice man who wouldn’t hurt a fly and I reject that whites are pigs and blacks are “more intelligent” then us. Nobody would ever agree with you unless you watch CNN. Which when I think again you prolly do. So I guess this emails pointless. Oh well.

From: Floyd Pepper <>
Sent: Sunday, July 23, 2017 6:50 PM
Subject: Megan

Hmmmmm almost 30 and not married yet? I wonder why the hell not. Both my beautiful daughters were married when they were 19. Could it be because Megan is a raging feminist bitch? Who doesn’t even believe in Jesus Christ our Savior?? Could that be the reason little Megan? You should be in the kitchen cooking up chicken and mash potatoes and stop putting your nose where it doesn’t belong. Then maybe you’d get a man and stop desecrating this beautiful country that I and everyone with a straight head on their shoulders holds dear.


From: David Anderson <>
Sent: Monday, July 17, 2017 7:36 PM
Subject: Megan Allen’s book

Good evening,

I’ve read many excerpts from Megan Allen’s The Slave Players and found it disgusting and offensive. It’s no better then cheap pornograph. Which I guess makes Megan..the author you chose to represent..a prostitute. She has no American values and she trashes her country and people in the worst way. How can something like this be publisbed? Let me tell you my dad must be rolling in his grave right now because this would have never flown back in the day. The general in the story is repulsive and it seems Megan supports the way he thinks about whites. She is garbage. Your publishing firm is garbage and I can’t wait for all of America to throw this piece of filth into the garbage where it belongs.

God bless America. Megan better say her prayers and ask for forgiveness.

From: Teresa Palmer <>
Sent: Friday, July 14, 2017 11:23 AM
Subject: book slave player

I’m guessing you and your whole entire staff are on board with this filth novel by Megan allen. She is a slutt racist against her own people which is the worst kind of racist there is. To write what she did means she is crazy and to publish someone like that means you are to. How dare you call yourself an american. Maybe you should all move to China. This is an official email to request that you don’t publish this piece of shit into a world of young people who don’t know right from wrong yet.

God bless,

From: Jennifer Dixon <>
Sent: Saturday, July 15, 2017 6:27 PM
Subject: The Slave Players book

Burn House,

I just got through with The Slave Players and then found your website. My husband and I are very upset at the content. I don’t know why someone would want to put so much hatred into a god loving country. The south doesn’t hate blacks, and they are treated equally. The racism Megan talks about doesn’t exist here. Blacks are just raised differently so their values are not always american values. Some of them choose to be Americans and some of them choose to sell drugs and kill our noble police officers who work hard to keep us all safe. Those blacks are the ones we don’t accept here. We want those ones gone and it’s a large percentage. But there are some good ones my family has no problem with at all. Megan doesn’t get our southern values as well as she obviously thinks she does. We are hospitable and proud, not racist murderers.

I will wait for your response.

From: Christina Lockwood <>
Sent: Thursday, July 20, 2017 5:26 PM
Subject: Book

You can’t write a load of crap like the slave players and not expect white America to step up and bitch slap your ass down. They say groups like ours breed hate which is untrue. Its hateful writers like you who are the true destrucrive people.

From: Monica Packard <>
Sent: Saturday, July 22, 2017 4:24 PM
Subject: Book

Anything this anti-white does NOT belong in America. Period. America has been over run by illegal immigrants and coloreds and it’s about time we see some WHITE SYMPATHY. Especially from a WHITE girl like Megan. When whites start writing books that offend their own race and give sympathy to another race you know our country is in a lot of trouble. Grave danger is what my husband says. Megan is putting us whites in a light that is unfair and just plain WRONG. Forward this email to her. She needs to know how white Americans feel about her black loving book from Hell. BURN IT.


From: Dennis Berry <>
Sent: Wednesday, July 19, 2017 1:56 PM
Subject: The Slave Players

I’m sure you’ve heard that this book is already hated. It spreads disgusting views about the south and even worse it labels all southerners as racist and stupid. I am not a racist Lucy! In fact my pool man is black and every Friday we have a coke together out on the back porch. Do I call him a nigger? You guessed it. I don’t!! Do niggers exist in the world? Sure do! And my pool man Sam would agree with me that they do! Just the other day he was talking about his cousin who is in crime and he referred to him as one. So! Should I just not agree with my friend Sam? Who is black? AND my friend? Megan Allen seems to think it’s always wrong to say that word or think that about people but guess what! She has zero life experience and she’s from California! I bet she’s never even seen a black person and her perception of the south is so flawed it hurts. Poor girl!

Take care of yourself!

From: Wade Keegan <>
Sent: Sunday, July 23, 2017 6:41 PM
Subject: slave player

Howdy, and back the fuck up. Just saw that pathetic excuse for a website and heard all about Megan’s pathetic slap across the face of America. God holds this country sacred and everyone who steps foot here should feel blessed to be a part of it not hell bent on destroying everything weve worked so hard to create. Slavery is over. I’m not saying my beliefs on it or what I think about coloreds but I’m just stating facts. We don’t see that kind of shit anymore so why are you acting like it still exists? Megan is a foul, foul girl with dirty thoughts.


From: Fred Guysson <>
Sent: Saturday, July 22, 2017 4:51 PM
Subject: to Megan

I want this email to be for Megan but all I have is this web address. I know about the book and I know everyone else from our organization has hated it pretty hard. But I wanna swoop in here as a servant of the Lord and just tell Megan that God will forgive her if she seeks forgiveness. I’m sure she has a lot of misguided thoughts about this country and about whites. But we are here to love our people and help them see the way. I hope to meet Megan at the pearly gates not watch her go down in flames. If she apologizes to the white community for her hateful thoughts and ill will I plan to embrace her with open arms. She is young and its never too late to make things right with God. True Americans forgive their white brothers and sisters and understand how they can be mislead in a world like ours full of different views and people coming in all the time. Please let Megan know I am here anytime she wants to talk. Give her this email addres. God bless.


From: Matthew Gables <>
Sent: Thursday, July 27, 2017 11:10 AM

Matt here. I cant believe this slave playing book is published. Have you had even 1 person say it makes sense? Maybe you should have only black readers and no white ones because any white person is going to think its crazy talk. God didn’t make America to have it run by the other kind. He made it to be the city on a hill to be cherished and loved. To be led by white people who have been leading and running things and prospering since the beginning of geological time. Its not a bad thing to admit the truth, its just the way it is. No way around it and nothing a book can change. And a poorly written book I should add. Nothing good in there im sure.


From: Frank Head <>
Sent: Monday, July 17, 2017 7:50 PM
Subject: New book

Burn House Publishing House,

I have never supported book burning until I heard about your shit novel coming out soon. You should all be ashamed.


We were contacted by the SPLC in early October after multiple colleges wrote to them to report the letter they had recieved from the KKK

From: Southern Poverty Law Center (Name of personal contact withheld)
Sent: Wednesday, October 4, 2017 1:33:19 PM
Subject: KKK Letters


My name is (withheld) and I work at the Southern Poverty Law Center. I recently spoke with (withheld) at the Northeast Community College in Norfolk, Nebraska regarding a letter that was received at their college newspaper pertaining to The Slave Players. She gave me your email and said that you had been in contact regarding that letter, as well as the hateful mail the author has been receiving.

So far, I have been made aware of four college newspapers that have received the exact same letter, with the same handwriting and stamp on the envelope. I recently watched the video of Megan Allen reading some of her hate mail but was wondering if in any of it she had received something from

Thank you for your help.
(Name withheld)

Sent: Wednesday, October 4, 2017 4:22:34 PM
To: Southern Poverty Law Center (Name withheld)
Subject: Re: KKK Letters

Hi (Name withheld),

We have received email from a ‘D’ Lariet, and in fact found his message so amusing that we quote him as a reviewer. He was our first contact, I believe, from back in late July or early August. This is perhaps a relative, or more likely a made up name. We can’t find any Lariets on the internet.

We have had quite an email campaign waged against us by a group of white supremacists who we think are from Gainesville, Fla. or North Carolina, or both. The emails come in groups, four or five at a time so we think they are being sent from a gathering or something, or a coordinated event. We have approx. a hundred different names/emails and some of them are quite nasty. Others are pretty tame and have a Christian bent. We have just today received a copy of the letter and it’s just another representation that we are the haters, and not them. Our author, btw, hasn’t a mean bone in her body. She is message driven, and as good a person as could be, and the reviewers love her work.

We are a small publisher and the novel is just out and not widely read yet, so we wondered at first why they would even pick on us. But many of the emails point out that they are incensed because it is a white woman author writing apparent hate about white southern males. Actually, that’s only one element of the story, but someone in their circle might have picked it up a few months ago in Charleston, SC, when we handed out a few dozen copies as a lark at a anti-hate rally there. We also had an advance copy round, where we sent out several hundred copies to book clubs and venues throughout the states. In the novel the KKK is referred to as Neanderthal once or twice, so that may have been the trigger here, and the story is also based on racial injustice. In studying on the internet we have found where certain groups have picked out other literature, or gay pride material, or, etc. and railed against it. This attack seems somehow quite personal. So, we don’t know…

We wish you the best,
Wilhelmina Mount, Publisher

From: Southern Poverty Law Center (Name withheld)
Sent: Tuesday, October 24, 2017 7:54:39 AM
Subject: Re: KKK Letters

Thank you for all of the information you’ve shared. I think you’re idea about how they might have gotten their hands on the book in South Carolina makes perfect sense; I don’t think these people are very prone to perusing bookstores.

Here’s the update from our end of things: I’ve been in contact with people from several of the schools that have received letters. All of the envelopes had the same handwriting on them with a stamp directing the letter to the school’s newspaper. Each letter also contained the same exact typed up letter about The Slave Players with a Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan stamp claiming to be from RLariet.

We believe that this person might be a rogue member of the Loyal White Knights, however, the amount of mail/email you have received is very interesting so I just have a few follow up questions. Did the emails you received from D Lariet also reference the Loyal White Knights of the KKK? Where there other specific KKK groups that emails or letters mentioned? Or other groups at all that people were claiming to belong to? Did any of the letters threaten violence against the author or anyone else who works at your publishing company? Have you reported these instances to the police? Also, if you have an photos of specific letters or emails that you would like to pass along that would be great.

Take your time in answering the above questions and thank you so much for your help!

(Name withheld)

Date: Tuesday, October 24, 2017 at 10:48 AM
To:  Southern Poverty Law Center (Name withheld)
Subject: Re: KKK Letters

Hi (Name witheld),
The emails coming in here have pretty much ceased now. We at first responded –politely– to each and usually that would prompt another note from them. But when we stopped responding all together, they also stopped. We received around 100 total in all, from servers we haven’t heard of, like and and a few from Hotmail, which is more popular I think. The last one was in early September.

No one has ever specifically said they are Loyal White Knights or KKK, just talked about their “members”, like there are a lot of us and you don’t know what you’re talking about. And while some used profanity and ranted without specifics, most had a Christian flavor, telling us and our author that hell was waiting if we didn’t repent. None of them were particularly threatening.

I think the main reason they are so mad at our particular work is it’s written by a white lady about white abuse and injustice and I think that is infuriating. Several emails said that our author is “A traitor to her own kind.” So that’s a pretty sick mind. We also have offices in Atlanta and Florida, where the letters originate, and probably have disgruntled folks all around us, and have even considered because of the personal nature of the correspondence they might know us personally. Two members of our staff, as well as our author often attend anti-hate rallies, and frankly we have shoved our book in the faces of a lot of people who don’t particularly care for us. And there are Dixie flags all over the place, so your idea that it’s some disgruntled person who has taken a personal dislike to us makes sense.

Thank you,
Wilhelmina BHP

From: Southern Poverty Law Center (Name witheld)
Sent: Tuesday, October 24, 2017 10:15 AM
Subject: Re: KKK Letters

Hi Wilhelmina,

I’m glad the emails have stopped. Unfortunately these people thrive off of the attention they receive for such hateful remarks. Also, you’re analysis of the roots of their anger is absolutely correct. There has certainly been a recent rise in white supremacist sentiments in the United States. While many people feel discriminated against for their “white pride,” some even go so far as to espouse beliefs of a white genocide. It’s really quite a delusional movement.

Again, thank you so much for all the information you’ve provided.

(Name withheld)

Imperial Wizard Chris Barker sends Burn House a video review

On  January 14, 2018 Burn House Publishing receives an email containing a nearly 5 minute video from Imperial Wizard Chris Barker.

Contact us for the full video.

Christmas Blessings
from the KKK
On the same day, we recieved threatening comments on our site and an email with Christmas Blessings to those who respect their “right to self-destiny.”
KKK letter attacking The Slave Players
The KKK has begun a national mail campaign against our Novel and its message. This letter has been sent to colleges and libraries all over the US, asking them to ban our book.

In response colleges and libraries are taking a stand.