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KKK Attempts to Recruit Lehman Students — The Meridian

Lehman English professor Crystal Curry told the Meridian she believes that Donald Trump “laid the groundwork through his rhetoric for these kinds of much more perverse things to like spill out into the mainstream…and so a lot of this recruitment started during his...

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KKK delivers letter addressed to Palomar | The Telescope

A letter from one of the branches of the Ku Klux Klan came across the editor's desk recently, addressing Palomar College and several other colleges in the area. Klan’s member, Roy Lariet from North Carolina sent a letter addressed to The Telescope staff, that argued...

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It’s obvious why the KKK is freaked out by The Slave Players. To them, this isn’t a what-if thriller, it’s a sci-fi horror story written by a tiny blond chick. (In Part 2, the general orders black soldiers to rape a white woman. Forgot to mention that.) Of course,...

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KKK sends 4 minute video to Burn House Publishing

On January 14, 2018, Burn House Publishing receives an email containing a nearly 5 minute video from Imperial Wizard Chris Barker. Contact us for the full video.

KKK Christmas Blessings

On the same day, we recieved threatening comments on our site and an email with Christmas Blessings to those who respect their “right to self-destiny.”

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KKK letter attacking
The Slave Players

The KKK has begun a national mail campaign against our Novel and its message. This letter has been sent to colleges and libraries all over the US, asking them to ban our book.

In response colleges and libraries are taking a stand.

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