The plot is a mix of Django Unchained meets The Hunger Games (or Battle Royale by Koushun Takami). The modern day and fictional story takes place in the Deep South, which is suffering from outbreaks of racial unrest that leads to a new Civil War.

Except this time, white people are cast into slavery.

The Slave Players does not exactly fit into the sub-genre of science fiction known as alternative history, or AltHistory, but it comes close to that profitable industry premise.

Allen’s debut fiction novel showcases her talents to speak out about oppression, social injustice, and shine a light on the racism that still plagues our communities. The novel is a role reversal and slap at racist white society in the South, where blacks become the masters of its slave culture. In her youtube videos, the author takes a creative approach in reading some of her hate mail (Warning: Adult Language).


Source: AltHistory book offends AltRight as KKK brings censorship campaign to UW-Milwaukee | The Milwaukee Independent